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Dr. John E Upledger Foundation Heal It Forward Network

Levels of Giving

Every gift to the Foundation is appreciated and acknowledged. We are such a large therapeutic community that a small gift from each community member annually would sustain the Foundation's mission. For ease of acknowledgment on our website, we have established certain giving levels.

$10-$499 Silver Hands
$500-$2499 Golden Hearts
$2500-Unlimited Platinum Crowns

Larger benefactors are deemed Patrons with associated benefits. Please inquire directly by contacting 561-622-4588 ext 1332, or info@upledger.org

Designated Giving

If you feel passionate about one of our programs and want your gifts to go specifically to that program, you may designate your funds.

Remainder trusts

Please consult with your financial advisor if you have interest in including The Dr. John E. Upledger Foundation in your estate planning.