Intensive Programs

The Gentle Strength of Multiple Hands

Alzheimer's Concussion Dolphin-Assisted PTSD
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Intensive Programs

The Intensive Programs of the Upledger Institute International are unique, multi-disciplinary one week treatment programs designed to focus on particular issues such as autism, brain and spinal cord injuries, learning disabilities, etc. These programs, like all other Upledger Institute International programs, use a mind-body-spirit approach to address the health care needs of the community. While we have a core group of therapists assigned to this program, we additionally draw on the Institute's diverse group of highly trained professionals to rotate through the programs and contribute their skills. These include physicians, physical therapists, massage therapists, acupuncturists, chiropractors, doctors of oriental medicine, psychologists and counselors. Many of these professionals are cross trained in a variety of complementary therapies as well.

In addition to our in-house professionals, we invite Visiting Therapists (VT's) to join us for particular programs. These VT's are highly skilled Craniosacral Therapists who have achieved levels of professional excellence evidenced by having satisfied strict requirements. They leave their own practice in various parts of the world in order to work at the Institute. They bring a diverse array of talent to us and we afford them the opportunity to work as part of a “multi-hands” team treating a variety of patients with whom they might not otherwise get to work.

Our staff are all guided by Dr. Upledger's philosophy that each person has the ability to affect his or her own health. Once the potential to help oneself is recognized and understood, the individual can actively participate in the health improvement process. Some of the Intensive Programs are supported by the Dr. John E. Upledger Foundation, and there are other programs available for all. More information is available on line or by calling the Upledger Institute Clinic at 561.622.4706.

Since these programs began in 1988, the Intensive Programs have utilized a wide variety of modalities, incorporating new therapies and understandings as they become available. In addition, families and/or caregivers receive psychological support and training in basic techniques which allow them to continue the work at home.

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