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There are many ways to give to the Dr. John E. Upledger Foundation. One of the most poignant contributions is one of precious time and/or expertise. Here are several opportunities for giving of oneself. If you have other great ideas, we want to hear about them. Please call the Foundation at 561-622-4588 ext 1332 or e mail us at info@upledger.org.

Heal It Forward Network

Coming Soon

The Dr. John E. Upledger Foundation is pleased to introduce its latest program to multiply the benefit of CranioSacral Therapy. We are seeking therapists willing to participate in "treatments of kindness", treating qualified patients in need, who lack the resources to pay for services. The Foundation will issue treatment vouchers to qualified persons in need of CranioSacral Therapy to pay for treatment sessions. Those vouchers may be redeemed by the treating therapist for CranioSacral classes with the Upledger Institute International. What a powerful way to double the benefit of giving.

If you are a certified CranioSacral therapist and would like to participate in the Heal it Forward Network, please fill out the application and return it to info@upledger.org or mail to The Dr. John E. Upledger Foundation, 11211 Prosperity Farms Rd., Ste D323, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida 33410-3487

Intensive Program Therapist Application

Assistance Application

Dr. John's Library

We are creating a library of Dr. John's work. This will contain historical videos, pictures, CD's of his music, testimonials, research projects, articles, books etc. If you have material to contribute or would enjoy volunteering your time to work on this project, please let us know.

Intensive Program Participation

Intensive Therapeutic Programs are one of Dr. Upledger's greatest contributions to the world of healing. The Foundation will be sponsoring many Intensives going forward. Volunteering to participate in an IP will not only make a huge contribution to the clients and Foundation, it will be an amazing professional growth opportunity (CEU's are available).

Intensive Programs

Connect us with Interested Parties

Sometimes in life it's not what you know but who you know. In this case, connecting us to people and organizations that can partner with us to achieve a shared philanthropic mission can create a synergy that increases the outcome tenfold. Think creatively and don't be afraid to imagine the possibilities.

Spread the Word

Please help us spread the word. Feel free to share with everyone you know about our work here at the Foundation. Link to us from your website, face book about our events, tweet to your heart's content, we appreciate being in the buzz.

Share a Big Idea

Do you have a great idea to raise funds for the Foundation? Share your brilliance with us and together we can make a bigger impact!

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